USU Extension Offers Gardening Course

Mid-Winter might seem like a strange time to begin a gardening class, but the USU Extension program in the Wasatch Back gives those interested an opportunity to be fully prepared when spring comes.

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Summit County USU Extension Agent Dusty Morgan explains the Master Gardener program is for all, from beginners to professionals.

“We want to attract anyone interested in gardening. If you are a garden enthusiast and you just want to take it the next step. If you want to start gardening and you are just starting this course, it is going to be very welcoming classes. Time for questions, personalizing, experts speaking on different topics. The certification is definitely a certificate that could help you get a job or help you kind of move up if you have a job related to landscaping, gardening.”

Morgan outlines some of the topics covered in the course.

“All the classes are either taught by USU Extension specialists or extension agents such as myself. We are going to cover basic plant science all the way to entomology, tree selection care, turf or your lawn management. We get a lot of questions on irrigation around here which is a big topic that we’ll go into. As well as seeding, plant propagation, vegetable harvesting. The reality is we live in a very interesting particular gardening zone. These courses will be targeted to Park City, to Heber, to Coalville, Wanship, growing areas.”

To receive the certification class members must attend 85% of classes and complete 40 hours of volunteer service

“One of the purposes was to make this open community of gardeners who could help and assist each other because usually the best way to learn is from someone who’s done it before. Those 40 hours to get that certification can come from a numerous volunteer ideas and it could be what you’re doing already. A lot of community gardens, that could all count for your community service hours. You could answer or help other gardeners as well. You could pick out some areas in the community that need a little upkeep, need some landscaping or neighbors that need help with their, not just gardening, but even their yards, even some tree trimming. Anywhere from education to labor. We are open to creative volunteer ideas.”

Classes start on the 7th of February and are every Thursday afternoons from 4:00 to 7:30. Classes will rotate between Richins building and the Wasatch Extension building. The course costs $125 for one person but is $150 for two people in the same household.