Timber Knives March 2020 Business of the Month

The Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce recognizes Timber Knives as the March 2020 Business of the Month. Timber Knives opened their store at 350 South Main Street in Heber last spring. They specialize in knives, axes, kitchen cutlery – anything with an edge. They also offer engraving and sharpening services.

Jim Roach, owner of Timber Knives, is committed to being involved in Heber Valley. During the winter months Timber Knives partnered with their neighbor Northland Professionals for a community smores night, they offer forging classes, carving classes, knife skills, and look forward to planning a community hike this summer.

Jim has a strong connection to the valley as he spent many summers here as a child playing in the canals, fishing with his grandparents and horseback riding at the Homestead Resort.

Jim explained his business as a passion project – doing something that he loves, while supporting his family. He loves the outdoors and engages in skiing, hunting, fishing, hiking, and mountain biking as often as possible.

Knives carries several knife brands including some of the most famous (reputable) brands in the industry, but they tend to favor some of the locally handcrafted items they sell. Knives have a personality; the store really likes to match the customers personality and needs to their knife.

Timber Knives appreciates the local support and feels blessed to be here. When you think of Timber Knives, think of it as an extension to your outdoor experience.

Read the original story at gohebervalley.com

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