Special Swearing In Ceremony Planned For Wasatch County Sheriff and Deputies

Chief Deputy Jared Rigby will be sworn in as the new Wasatch County Sheriff on Monday. The swearing in ceremony is unique to this sheriff’s department. All the community is invited.

“So, I’m being sworn in at noon on Monday and all of the deputies, we have about 70 of them, They’re all being sworn in or re-sworn in at the same time. Most places don’t do that. It’s the first time we’ve done it. So we’re trying to get the word out there about our food pantry. A lot of people don’t know where it is and also what our law enforcement does.  You don’t just arrest people and take them to jail. We come across a lot of difficult and dire situations in people’s homes with children or people who are on the street or in other places. We’re placing a lot of emphasis on helping in the community in every way we can.”

Sheriff Elect Jared Rigby will be sworn in by a judge. The rest of the department will be sworn in right after. The ceremony begins at noon, but he wants people to get there early to accompany the deputies who will gather at the food pantry located on 34 West, 200 South in Heber.  They’ll be accompanied by the Fire Departments ladder truck flying the flag, a air med helicopter fly over and an honor guard. Rigby asks everyone to bring a donation to the food bank on Monday.

KPCW’s Facebook page will broadcast the event live on Monday.

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