Sorensen Insurance June Business of the Month

Evolution, simply put, is the process of gradual change from one state to another. Things all around are constantly evolving and changing and adapting. Many of the most successful businesses throughout history are the ones that have been able to adapt to and adopt new technologies, new ideas, and new challenges. These changes help create new products, or new values, or new social good. Sometimes, however, this evolution becomes deeper and more introspective. Sometimes this evolution has to start from within.

Rob Sorensen, of Sorensen Insurance, has been in the Heber Valley offering Bear River Mutual Insurance since 2003. Always wanting to be in the financial industry in some degree, he was encouraged by his father to start a Bear River branch in the Heber Valley. The idea was simple enough, provide a quality product with good pricing to the community. The opportunity sounded interesting to him, because as someone who gets “antsy” for a change, starting his own business offered plenty of variety.

Over the past 16 plus years as his business has grown, he has had to adapt and change. From starting out as a one-man shop to now having a team of four employees, Sorensen has had to evolve from working his business to managing his business.

“I didn’t want to be the guys selling the policies anymore, I wanted to manage the business more,” said Sorensen. “It was hard to slowly pass the baton to other people to gain that trust

The evolution from a one-person sales shop to a team of specialized individuals has been critical to his own personal growth and to the growth of his business. Without this change Sorensen Insurance wouldn’t be able to serve their clients as effectively.

“Every person in the office is specialized in a piece of the business to make the fast and quick. That was a game changer and made that we were more efficient and effective,” said Sorensen.

Today, Sorensen’s personal role has shifted from selling policies to managing a team. Managing or leading his team is a whole new set of skills that he feels he has to develop. In his line of work relationships are very important. Creating quality relationships with his team is just as vital as creating quality relationships with his clients.

Through his career Sorensen has felt he has been on this journey that has taken him from knocking doors selling policies to becoming a leader of his team to now a more active participant in the community. With his strong team in place he’s been able to get more involved with things such as Rotary, the Community Alliance for Main Street, BNI and other projects to help give back.

For their ongoing efforts to help in the community the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce is proud to recognize Sorensen Insurance as the June Business of the month.

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