Sanders Wins Popular Vote Among Wasatch County Democrats, While Summit County Dems Choose Bloomberg

During Super Tuesday the state of Utah selected President Donald Trump as their choice for the Republican primary nomination. In the Democratic race, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders won the state and Wasatch County, but former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg was the winner in Summit County.

In the Democratic race, Senator Bernie Sanders won the state’s delegates with 34% of the popular vote. Sanders was followed by former Vice President Joe Biden who captured 17% of Utah’s popular vote, and former mayor Mike Bloomberg with 16%.

In Summit County of the 4,835 votes cast 26.6% voted for Bloomberg while 19.4% voted for Sanders, Bidden came in third winning 18.1% of the vote.

In Wasatch County of the 2,080 democratic ballots cast Sanders won 28.5%, followed by Biden with 21.8% and Bloomberg extremely close behind with 21.7%, just three votes less than Biden.

As expected President Trump secured the Republican nomination in the state of Utah winning 88% of registered Republican’s votes. Summit County Republicans were slightly below the states average, Trump won 86.9% of the county’s 3,613 Republicans ballots cast.

While Trump’s win in Summit County was slightly below the state average Wasatch County Republicans were slightly above, Trump won 90% of the 4,005 ballots cast there.

Presidential primary elections will continue throughout June in other states in the U.S. The official declarations of the two parties Presidential candidates will be at their national conventions held in early July for the Democrats and August for the Republicans.

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