Representative John Curtis Speaks About Unity, Utah Values At Wasatch GOP Breakfast

3rd District Representative John Curtis spoke to members of the Wasatch County Republican Party at their annual Lincoln day breakfast on Saturday.

“It’s an honor to serve you in Washington DC,” Curtis said. “I find myself sometimes walking around the streets of Washington DC and I’ll look up at the capital and I say to myself, ‘holy cow I get to work there. How cool is that?’ It’s just an amazing honor. With my staff we’ve passed six bills into law in our 26 months. My job is to represent Utah values back in Washington DC. I’m so pleased the theme today has been one of unity.”

Curtis then contrasted Salt Lake City and Washington D.C. He spoke about the polar reactions by political parties to President Trump’s state of the union.

“We were celebrating the lowest unemployment in our country’s history,” Curtis continued. “The lowest black, the lowest Hispanic unemployment in our country’s history. We were celebrating many many great things and those of the opposing party refused to applaud or acknowledge the greatness of those accomplishments.”

Curtis then spoke about a recent presentation by Democratic Representative Ben McAdams to the Utah House.

“When he was done, the speaker jokingly grabbed his remarks and tore them in half,” Curtis explained. “Then he put his arm around Ben and they expressed affection. Then the entire house of representatives, the Republicans, stood and applauded Ben McAdams. That is Utah value.”

Curtis then acknowledge the presence of Wasatch County Democratic Party Chair Terri Goodall.

“Despite differences in policy, despite differences in votes, there’s respect,” Curtis said. “Terri I’m so glad that you’re here and that you were invited here and that you came this morning. That says a lot about Wasatch County and about the state of Utah.”

Representative Rob Bishop was also in attendance although he did not speak, Bishop is running as Lt. Governor on Thomas Wright’s campaign for governor.

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