Partners, we believe that bigger isn’t always better and that there is something inherently good in a day’s hard work. We believe that friends can be found in the most unlikely of places and that nothing matters more than family. We believe that each and every day is a gift full of potential and that miracles are mixed in with the every day scenery.
Gene Sweeney Jr. is a Utah-based, award winning photographer, with over 39 years of experience. His corporate, advertising and excellent photojournalism background was gained through 37 years of experience in the newspaper environment.
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We believe in seeking the balance between play and hard work: a lazy Saturday making turns on the ski slopes or casting a fly at a rising trout in the middle of a hatch; working long hours with empending deadlines or calling in on a weekend to make sure a project is buttoned up. We believe failure is success as long as we learn from it. We believe in doing our best and taking any who’ll join us along for the ride.
We believe in grit, faith, and in sending it past our comfort zone in order to try something that scares us every day. We believe that joy is found in simplicity. We believe that beauty surrounds us. We believe in celebrating history in the making. We love where we live, we live where we love. We believe in the “joie de vivre!”