New Wasatch School Board Member Looks Forward To Tackling Challenges Ahead

Wasatch County School District’s newest board member recently participated in his first board meeting. KPCW spoke with Tyler Bluth and discussed the challenges ahead for the district.

Both Cory Holmes and Tyler Bluth were elected to be on the Wasatch County School Board this November. Holmes who represents the Heber North seat has previously served on the board, but this was the newly elected Heber South District representatives first meeting. Bluth’s father, Alan Bluth served many years on the board and his service in part inspired him to serve.

“That’s where it started but I’m a local boy grew up here.” Bluth said, “Also, I’ve got three boys in the system and been involved with youth sports particularly. I just want to continue to see this place grow and prosper and wondered if that is the way I could do my part.”

The school board began the new year with a two-day retreat discussing items ranging from operations, to website updates to calendaring. Bluth felt the biggest challenge ahead is managing growth.

“We’ve got a lot of work and a lot of very stressful things coming up as a district.” Bluth explained, “Our biggest challenge is growth here in this community. We had a big demographics review company, independent company come in and its just amazing what’s going to probably happen here. We don’t know exactly but we’re looking at another 3,000 homes here in the next 7 years. How do we do it? Schoolboards are reactionary, we’re not proactive we’re reactionary. It’s not us that brought the homes and the people here we have to educate their children. That’s what I’ve learned that we have to kind of predict the future of what’s going to happen, and that’s hard.”

Bluth says he is excited to serve on the board.

“I live here, work here, I hope I can add a lot to this board.” Bluth continued, “I know these guys quite well growing up with them. At the same time, I hope to bring a different voice an independent voice for the people that I live around. Just excited about it.”