Mountainland Auto Sales July Business of the Month

Sometimes things just get in your blood and are passed down from generation to generation. Most of the time it’s a trait such as hair color, or a smile, or even a quirky laugh. Sometimes the thing that gets passed down is passion, integrity, and doing good for others. Though they aren’t physical traits they can nevertheless be passed down and taught from one generation to another. Shane Clegg, owner of Mountainland Auto Sales in Heber City, has inherited many traits from his family, but the one that drives him today is his passion for cars.

Clegg says his roots in the automotive industry go way back even before he was born. Starting in the 1940s and 1950s his family began working in the industry with repair shops and small dealerships. Growing up in his grandfather’s shadow, Clegg learned a lot about the industry and even more about integrity and doing what’s right.

“My grandpa was the founder of all the car related businesses in our family,” said Clegg. “Any body that new him looked at him with a very high regard. He always had a lot of integrity and cared for people.”

Watching the way his grandfather took care of people left a lasting impression. He says there’s not a day that goes by that he doesn’t think about his grandfather and the type of businessman he was. It’s this type of service Clegg and his team measure all their efforts against, “trying to do it the right way” as he learned from his grandfather.

Since he was 15 years old, Clegg has worked in and around the automobile industry in some fashion. From starting out detailing cars and changing oil to sales and becoming a business owner, he has done it all. Originally from Heber Valley, Clegg moved with his family to Utah County when he was young. About nine years ago the opportunity to open his own car dealership came up and he took it, bringing his family back to Heber Valley.

“We love Heber, we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else,” said Clegg, “We all love our community and we want to be a part of it.”

Being active in the community fits into their mission of doing things the right way. Over the years Mountainland Auto has offered several different activities and community events to show their appreciation for their clients and customers. One program specifically is their “Cars for Community.” This is a program in which residents can nominate a deserving family or individual for what they do to give back to the Heber Valley. In the end the winner receives a car from Mountainland Auto.

The commitment to doings things the right way, serving the community, and running a business with integrity just like his grandfather taught him, has helped Clegg and Mountainland Auto find success. Recently they have opened a brand-new facility on Highway 40 and Airport Road in Heber, over 120 vehicles, and a full line of Lowe boats and marine equipment.

Today, Clegg continues the family tradition of customer centered, integrity driven auto sales. Surrounded by his wife, Carlee, and son, Kerry, and a sales team that has been with him throughout all his time in Heber Valley, Clegg is optimistic about the future of Moutainland Auto.

For their investment into their business and into the community the Heber Valley Chamber is proud to recognize Mountainland Auto Sales as our July Business of the Month.

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