Midway City Approves Master Plan Transfer Of Rights For Homestead Resort

A developer in Midway was looking at changing the master plan for the Homestead Resort. Now that those plans have fallen through a different organization is looking to revitalize the resort.

At the Tuesday October 1st City Council meeting Midway City Council approved the transfer of Master Plan transfer of rights. Midway City Mayor Celeste Johnson explains what the transfer means.

“A master plan was approved for the Homestead Resort in 2008 that if someone purchases that resort that master plan follows the land,” Johnson explained. “So, we have a group that is going to be purchasing that property and we just had to be able to basically—I mean basically all we were saying is yes, we agree that this plan will be transferred with the land. The law provides for that already, it was more a formality than anything else. Another group was looking at purchasing and that didn’t happen. So, this is a new group that’s come forth.”

The previous attempt by Watts Development to upgrade the Homestead was shut down when the developer and the owner of four condominiums inside the Homestead were unable to reach an agreement. Johnson explains the difference between the previous attempted buyers and those interested in buying the resort now.

“The Watts group had put together an amendment to the master plan and they would have altered what had been approved in 2008 based on what kind of a product is probably going to rent well in the current environment,” Johnson continued. “They had been working through the process of making those amendments. This group has come in and said at this time we have no intention of amending the master plan. We simply want to improve what’s already there. We want to remodel the room. We want to update things, while keeping the current buildings.”

The group is anticipating to close on the property in about two weeks.

Read the original story at KPCW.org

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