Midway Boosters Hosting Town Hall Discussions On School Bond As Well As Meet The Candidates Night

The Midway Boosters are providing an opportunity for residents to meet the candidates for City Council. Additionally, the club is holding a school bond debate. The two town hall discussions take place at the Midway Community Center.

Former Midway Booster member Scott Lewis will be moderating the event. Lewis has moderated three events for the Boosters. The evening begins at 6:30 with a discussion between two parents of children at Midway Elementary School. One parent will be representing Citizens Building Education, a group in support of the Wasatch School District $150 million bond for a new High School in the valley and a replacement building for Midway Elementary. The other parent will speak against.

“Basically, to present their side to the argument,” Lewis explained. “What we had found up to this point was that most of discussions were primarily Q&A’s that were sponsored by the school district. Which are fantastic, but there’s been four or five of those. We thought it would be good to have an event where there were representatives of both sides together who could dialogue about that and express both the for and the against sides of it and answer those questions as best they can.”

Lewis says the bond debate is an add-on to the original planned event which will take place at 7:30. That being a question and answer with candidates for Midway City Council.

“The four candidates for Midway City Council will be present,” Lewis said. “The community will be able to ask them questions and be able to get answers on those questions.”

There are four candidates for three Midway City Council seats. Candidates include incumbents Bob Probst and Lisa Kohler Orme. Additionally, Kevin Payne and Steve Dougherty are seeking a term on the council. Lewis says they are eager to receive questions from Midway residents.

“We just love to get questions from the community for council, and for the school bond discussion,” Lewis continued. “We want to have a great discussion. All the questions will come through a moderator, which is myself, so that we will be able to control how much time everybody has to answer questions. Make sure nobody gets up on a soapbox and takes too much of the meeting, because we want to get to as many questions from the community as possible.”

Midway residents are invited to submit questions to [email protected].

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