Midway And Heber City Councils Meet Virtually On Tuesday

Midway City Council will discuss how to limit multiple families living in a single home Tuesday evening, while Heber City will hear yet another annexation application.

Midway and Heber City Council will both meet Tuesday evening via video conferencing Midway City Council begins at 6:00 pm

Midway’s Council will have a discussion around the definition of living quarters and accessory structures. Staff and the Planning Commission have favorably recommended adopting code to clarify that homeowners cannot rent, lease or otherwise allow for a person to use an accessory building as living quarters except for in R-1-7 and R-1-9 zones.

Council will also consider further defining a single-family dwelling. The code text amendment would help staff with discussions with builders and residents who would like to finish basements or add additions to their home. The code text will help continue to prevent single-family homes being converted into duplexes.

Midway City Council will also discuss a proposed change that would allow food trucks on public property excluding street right-of-ways if the property is rented for an event.

Heber City Council meets virtually starting at 5:00 pm with a work meeting with a regular session to follow at 6:00. Council will consider accepting an annexation petition from Wellberg Investments. The parcel is located to the north and east of the city near red ledges, and also runs up against the proposed Sorenson Annexation.

Council will also consider approving a final plat approval for the Sawmill project. The phase includes 52 townhomes, 12 live-work units, seven duplexes and nearly two and a half acres of open space. The project is located to the east of US 40, and north of Center Creek road.

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