Lux Teeth Whitening November Business of the Month

A smile. It’s the universal sign for confidence, joy and friendship. A warm smile has the power to lift a weary soul. Smiling is so universal it even has its own punctuation. 🙂 With all that is riding on a confident smile, it’s no wonder why Trisity Andra, owner of Lux Teeth Whitening, enjoys what she does so much.

“I love making people happy with something as simple as teeth whitening. I love the boost of confidence it gives people and I love doing the reveal after whitening people’s teeth,” said Andra.

When Andra opened Lux Teeth Whitening back in March 2019 it marked the fulfillment of a lifelong dream to own her own business. Discovering the teeth whitening business as a way to fulfill her dream came out of her own frustrations with finding a good, reliable option for herself. As she researched different options and treatments, she found that she could be become trained and certified in teeth whitening. With a background in health care, certification seemed like the perfect next step.

Today, Andra is one of Heber Valley’s only certified teeth whitening experts. Treatments usually take about 90 minutes to complete and last six to 12 months depending on lifestyle. Andra is very proud of the services and treatment products she uses. All the products are plant and mineral based and FDA approved.

In addition to running a growing business, Andra is a busy mother to four daughters ranging from 11 to 2 years old. Running her own business has given her the flexibility to take care of her clients and be there for her kids.

“I love owning my own business because I can still be a mother, and wife. I have that kind of flexibility,” said Andra.

As a mother it’s important for her to pass on to her daughters many of the values she practices in her business and in daily life that she learned from her parents, such as giving back to the community and helping others.

When Andra finishes helping her clients, she is active in the community. As a business owner on Main Street in Heber she participates in the Community Alliance for Main Street or CAMS organization. She has helped with the spring and fall cleanup days on Main Street as well as other CAMS initiatives.

Andra has loved serving the Heber Valley and truly enjoys making connections and lasting friendships with her clients. She is quick to say how grateful she is to her supporting husband, Dave, and their daughters as she continues to pursue her dream of being a business owner. You could definitely say Andra’s work has put a smile on her face.

The Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce is proud to recognize Trisity Andra and Lux Teeth Whitening as our November Business of the Month.

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