Lights Stolen At Jordanelle State Park

Jordanelle State Park is closing for the evenings in response to some grinchy behavior. The state park is preparing for a holiday lights program while also trying to recover some stolen items.

Jordanelle State Park is setting up for their first ever Holiday Nights light program. State Park employee Natalie Harmon says while setting up the park discovered some items had been stolen.

“We had a flying pig display stolen and a couple controller boxes,” Harmon explained. “We’ve had to make the decision to shut the gates at night, block the entrance, from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM.”

Starting November 29th through January 4th the state park will be operating the Holiday Nights light show. Guests will drive through about a mile of the Jordanelle Campground where they’ll view holiday light displays while tuning their radio station to a matching audio program.

“So, the lights that you’ve seen on the last few nights have just been them testing them,” Harmon said. “Seeing where their holes are that they need to fill. They’re just about done and then the whole thing will start for the public on the 29th.”

Horse drawn wagons and visits with Santa will also be available you can find out more about the event through a link on KPCW’s website. Harmon says they don’t know who could have stolen the display and controllers.

“No leads,” Harmon continued. “No leads, at all. So we just are asking if anyone knows anything about it to please call the local sheriff or the rangers here at our park.”

You can call Jordanelle State Park at 435-649-9540.

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