Labrum Auto July Business of the Month

Working in a small town with your name in big letters across the front of a builiding can make anyone feel like they’re in the bright spotlight. But for Danny Labrum, of Labrum Auto Group, he doesn’t mind it, because he’s proud of the quality service his staff at Labrum always try to give.

“I love service and that’s what it’s about,” said Danny, “I tell all my staff to treat every customer as if they were a member of their own family coming in through the door. We try very hard to make people happy.”

Danny came to the Heber Valley in late 2001 after learning the ropes of auto sales from his stepfather, and the value of treating people kindly from his father. Both those men taught Danny important lessons in doing what’s right.

“My dad worked in the oil fields out near Roosevelt, and I watched my dad fill people’s propane tanks in the dead of winter without accepting payment so they wouldn’t freeze.”

His stepfather also taught him about going above and beyond to make someone feel needed and wanted or in other words, to care for each other. These same lessons he learned growing up still stick with him as he runs the dealerships and as he interacts with the community.

Each year Labrum Auto participates in the Cool to Care program at Wasatch Hight School. The program celebrates high school students’ leadership experiences, citizenship and academics for a chance to win a new car. For the past several years Labrum Auto has been donating the winning car.

“If I can give back to the kids and try to motivate them to better citizens, that’s kind of what it’s about,” said Danny.

Since 2001, Labrum Auto has grown from a small Chevrolet dealership with 11 staff and about 50 cars to over 35 staff, adding the Ford dealership, and about four times as much inventory. Labrum Auto offers many different services from state inspections to engine overhauls. They can work on all makes and models.

For their continued service to the Heber Valley and commitment to the community, the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce is proud to recognize Labrum Auto Group as the July Business of the Month.

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