Hwy 40 Hospital Entrance to Close for Spring

Getting to the hospital during construction

Beginning Wednesday, May 8, access to the hospital from 1500 South and Highway 40, which is the South West entrance will be closed. All patients and visitors need to access the hospital, clinics, ER and InstaCare from the entrance off of 1200 South 500 East. Please see the map.


With the construction at Heber Valley Hospital, we are creating a road that will connect to future parking by the South West and Northern entrances.  This road will also be accessed from either 1500 South or 1200 South. For the new road to be completed before Fall 2019, we need to close the existing road this spring. We will be relocating, and installing utilities, building the new road and building additional parking.

Construction update

We are currently re-building the new clinic space, the new front entrance, which includes the new café, patient registration, expanding the lobby. We are adding new parking areas, the loop road and adding a more private surgical discharge area for surgery patients. The clinic space, café, and new entrance will be opened in the fall of 2019, along with the new road. The complete renovation will not be completed until Fall of 2020.

Provider locations may temporarily change during construction

If you are coming for outpatient physical therapy, fitness classes, Dr. Gardner, Dr. Longenecker, Dr. Cook, Johanna Hendrickson, please continue to park in the South Building, which can be accessed from Highway 40 and 1500 South.

Please remember where our providers are located.

  • MAIN HOSPITAL, SUITE E: Dr. David Warnick, Dr. Brian Lofgran, Dr. Jill Faatz, Jessica Parker, Virginia Giles, Revere Cardiologists
  • MAIN HOSPITAL, SUITE F: Dr. Winston Bokor, Max Stirling, Dr. Jason Howell, Dr. Peter Leavitt, Wes Webster, Dr. Greg Tayler, and Intermountain Cardiologists
  • MAIN HOSPITAL, SUITE G: Dr. Todd Haderlie, and Dr. Tod Berg
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