Heber City Planning Commission Will Consider Annexation Just North Of Midway Lane

Heber City Planning commission will be discussing an annexation in a portion of town that could see some substantial projects coming through in the next few years.

The proposed Zeb annexation is located on the northwest side of Heber, just north of Midway lane on the western side of town. Heber City Planner Tony Kohler explained that the annexation was placed on hold after a few months of work.

“Due to the bypass discussion as well as the high school discussion at this stage of the game with this annexation it’s coming to the Planning Commission for review,” Kohler continued. “Once the Planning Commission’s done then it would go to the City Council for its final debate on final approval or denial.”

The proposed 62.1-acre annexation would create 332 residential units and 66,600 square feet of commercial along with 26.95 acres of open space.

Wasatch County School District is considering a proposal for a bond to create build an additional high school in the valley just north of Midway lane on the west end of Heber. This annexation would be directly to the south and west of the proposed high school. Additionally, the initial Heber Parkway UDOT study suggests a route for the road that would go very near where the proposed annexation is located. Kohler explains why they’re moving forward with discussions, despite the fact that neither the high school nor the bypass are a done deal.

“Well, we feel it’s important to continue the dialogue with the petitioner, UDOT, as well as the school,” Kohler explained. “Regardless of whether the school happens or not we still have a petition and a property owner that wants to come in the city. So, we feel it’s important to continue the dialogue and see what issues come out, and how those issues might be addressed. Certainly, many questions we don’t have all the answers yet, but we hope through all these meetings that we can flush out ways to get those answers.”

Heber City Planning Commission meets at 7:00 pm on Tuesday at the Heber City offices located at 75 North Main Street.

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