Heber City Council To Discuss Plans For Growth North Of Town

Heber City Council meets Tuesday evening to discuss amongst other items, growth north of town just off highway 40.

Heber City Council members meet in council chambers at the Heber City Tabernacle located at 75 North main Street.

Council begins their work with a 4:30 pm work meeting. Items on the work meeting agenda include discussions around the 2019-2020 FY budget, a proposed development near 2200 South Highway 40, and consideration of designating a land use authority.

At 6:00 pm council will consider a donation request of $1,500 to the Airport’s commemorative museum D-Day 75th anniversary. The council will also hear a request to waive an event fee for a motorcycle ride in July meant to raise funds to fight thyroid cancer.

The council will also have a discussion surrounding a memorandum of understanding between the City and Red Ledges on a timeline for the completion of their portions of the Eastern Bypass.

The council will also consider adopting an ordinance approving the VXC Annexation. That annexation is located north of town east of highway 40. The staff report says the annexation would bring in at most 272 dwelling units and the annual property tax revenue would yield $912 per acre. For comparison, the entire city averages $263 annual per acre property tax revenue.

Another item on the agenda will see the Police Department requesting approval to clean out their evidence room, that approval is required by law. The staff report notes that the purging of the evidence room happens on a regular and consistent basis. The report also noted that all items up for consideration have been documented and notifications have been made to possible owners. Over 250 items will be considered for destruction, ranging from phones, fake ID’s, keys, and a lot of drugs and drug paraphernalia. Other items like a camp stove, jewelry, a wheelchair and a gun will be sold if approved by the council.

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