Heber City Council Discussing Housing Issues In The City

Heber City Council meets Tuesday evening. Much of the council’s agenda revolves around housing issues in the city.

City Council meets in a work meeting starting at 4:00 pm on Tuesday. One early presentation revolves around Tiny Homes.

The small structures are between 150 and 400 square feet and built on wheels but could be placed in backyards.

Part of the council’s discussion will be defining the difference between an RV and a tiny home on wheels and understanding the potential benefits and drawbacks of allowing the structures in Heber City.

Additionally, during their work meeting council will discuss a Senior Living Development. The proposed development would be located at 650 South 1200 west next to the LDS Chapel. The developer Barrett Peterson of Peterson Homes plans to speak to the council about the development before moving forward in the planning process.

Finally, regular session begins at 6:00 pm. The council will consider approving an ordinance regulating short term rentals. The recommended ordinance would allow for continued single room rental and rental of an entire dwelling that is owner occupied. Vacation Rentals, meaning short term rentals of an entire dwelling that is not owner occupied would be restricted to a 20-block radius in Heber’s downtown. It also requires off-street parking for users and licensing of owners.

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