Heber City Council Candidate Profile: Ryan Stack

Eight Heber residents are running for three city council seats opening up in 2020. A Primary on August 13th will narrow the eight candidates down to six before the municipal general election November 5th.

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Heber City Council candidate Ryan Stack has lived in Heber for more than five years. Stack works as a prosecutor in the Summit County Attorney office. He says that amongst other reasons makes him qualified to be on the council.

“I’m a concerned Heber resident,” Stack continued. “I’ve got relevant experience and a desire to serve. I’ve been on the Planning Commission for several years now. Volunteering on the Envision Heber steering committee. I’m a practicing attorney so I bring a knowledge of the inner workings of the legal process. I’m comfortable reading codes and ordinances statutes. I’m raising my family in Heber City, I have 3 kids attending Wasatch County schools. Through my experience, my current involvements, as well as my concern and my interest to make sure Heber continues to be a great place to live and raise family. I think those things qualify me to be a member of our City Council.”

The theme of Stack’s campaign is planning a better future. He says he’s aware of the many issues that Heber faces but he has three main pillars he’s focused on. His first pillar is investing back into Heber City.

“Having ordinances in place that encourage downtown infill and redevelopment,” Stack explained. “We want to make sure any growth is done intelligently, work with the Envision Heber process to make sure any annexations are done consistent with what the community has identified as our goals and priorities. I think we need to focus on a master transportation plan. There’s been a lot of interest generated in looking into public transportation options.”

Stack’s second pillar is a focus on open lands conservation.

“Work hand in glove with the Wasatch Open Lands Board to make sure that the open lands that are identified by residents are targeted for preservation,” Stack said. “We want to encourage developers who build housing options that allow for home ownership at multiple income levels. So that way the folks who work in Heber have a place to live. Finally, and just as important focus on parks and trails. Creating a system of trails that’s connected. Improve our park system and make sure that our master trail planned is completed, and the preservation of green spaces.”

Ryan Stack plans to launch a website in the coming weeks, you can find a link to it here. KPCW has reached out to the eight Heber residents running for City Council more profiles can be found on this website in the coming days and weeks.TAGS: