Heber City Council Candidate Profile: Jeff Bradshaw

Eight Heber residents are running for three city council seats opening up in 2020. A Primary Election on August 13th will narrow the eight candidates down to six before the municipal general election.

City Councilman Jeff Bradshaw is a lifelong resident of Heber. He began his accounting practice in the mid 70’s and has been working as a CPA in Heber ever since. Bradshaw has been a member of the local Lions and Rotary Clubs. He’s also served as the Chamber of Commerce President, on the school board, as county clerk auditor and county treasurer. He was elected to the city council in 2005 and served a term. Bradshaw then lost re-election before later winning another term four years ago.

Bradshaw says his background in business in the city helps qualify him to be on the council.

“I think I have a lot of experience that is beneficial for the city,” Bradshaw explained. “I know about what’s going on in town, and what has gone on in town, and I think I have a vision of what ought to go on in town in the future.”

Bradshaw says some top priorities for him are the Heber Valley Parkway and revitalizing Main Street.

“There’s a number of things that need to be done, specifically commercially downtown,” Bradshaw continued. “I think it needs to be reworked to make downtown a more viable spot for the citizens. Obviously, there’s a lot of growth coming into our valley and I want to make sure that Heber City is a part of deciding on that growth and how it’s growing. I’m sure that we can’t stop the growth, but I think that Heber City ought to have a say on how it grows and where it grows. I’d like to see a more concrete policy on affordable housing. The housing is so expensive here and we have so many people that would like to live here, that need to live here, that work here, that can’t afford to live here.”

Bradshaw says as city council he has always acted in the best interest of the city as a whole and would continue to do so if reelected.

“There are people that perhaps would disagree with that because I was on a different site of some issues, but I don’t have any ulterior motives,” Bradshaw said. “I’m not trying to align my own pockets or anything like that. I just want to do what is best for Heber City. That’s my main goal and that’s why I want to give it another four year try.”

KPCW has reached out to the eight Heber residents running for City Council. You can find previous profiles of candidates on this website.

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