Heber City Council Candidate Profile: Brady Flygare

Eight Heber residents are running for three city council seats opening up in 2020. A Primary on August 13th will narrow the eight candidates down to six before the municipal general election November 5th.

Heber City Council candidate Brady Flygare grew up in Orem Utah, but he spent plenty of his childhood in the valley as his grandfather grew up in Heber. Flygare moved to Heber about two years ago with his wife and four children. He says his work as the director of operations for a nonprofit senior living company qualifies him for the council.

“In my profession we provide care and advocate for many people that don’t have a voice and can’t speak up,” Flygare continued. “So, we have to be good at anticipating needs and responding to concerns quickly and efficiently because their health and a lot of times their life depends on it. Most of the time what’s in the best interest for the business or company come second to the needs and the safety of our patients and our residents. Second, senior living facilities are one of the most highly regulated industries in the country. That translates real good into city governing and enforcing existing codes and ordinances and looking for ways to make things more efficient or just make more sense for the people in our community.”

Flygare says his goal, if elected, is to represent community members who don’t want to go to city meetings.

“It’s difficult when you feel like you have to attend every darn meeting in case a major decision is made that’s going to affect your neighborhood,” Flygare explained. “So, I’d like to promote a better communication method from the city to inform the public of major issues and really solicit community feedback to make decisions. As a councilmember I’ll do my best to represent the voice of the majority of the Heber citizens. Because at the end of the day the city and the city’s interest are owned by us; the citizens.”

Flygare lives on the southwest side of Heber and has been vocal, working on issues that impact that portion of town. Particularly the proposed Heber Parkway and the Airport. He says its important people know he’s not outright opposed to the airport or the bypass.

“The latest UDOT proposed route had a bunch of people that don’t live here engineering a road for the Valley,” Flygare said. “There were a bunch of unnecessary nuisances that it created. I think UDOT’s done a good job of listening to those public concerns and added those concerns to their latest report which is a good step forward. The second thing, the airport. I think there’s a bunch of really cool stuff there and the pilots and aviation people are just great great people. My stance with the airport is do the master plan that they’re planning on doing. So, if the master plan at the end of the day if it says that the airport needs to expand if that’s the option or shutting it down, I think shutting it down needs to be on the table. Then I think it needs to go to a public vote on whether the community wants it to expand. Because it’s the public’s airport.”

You can find a link to Flygare’s Facebook page here. KPCW has reached out to the eight Heber residents running for City Council. You can find previous and future profiles of candidates on this website.

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