Heber City And Heber CAMS Invites Community To Participate In Spring Sweep

Heber City residents are invited this Saturday to participate in the annual spring sweep.

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Heber City, and the Community Alliance for Main Street are co-sponsoring the event. CAMS Director Tom Stone says that the organizations are inviting all citizens to participate in the Main Street cleanup.

“The actual sidewalks and areas in front of the buildings. We’re asking that the business owners themselves clean up in front of them. With obviously help from all of the citizens to just help that as well as the spaces in between. Then we actually have the street sweeper, and possibly the fire department as well as public works coming with hoses. Spray down after we sweep just to get all of the extra little dirt, from winter and so forth off afterwards, so that those things are shining.”

The cleanup starts at 9:00 am and will continue up until a hot dog lunch at noon. Stone says that they’ll have an additional event in the coming weeks.

“We also have specific people who are assigned to the bulb outs. Where you see the tulips blooming and the flowers coming up—or will have the flowers coming up. So that will be coming in the next couple of weeks as well. So this is the cleanup, and then we’re going to have the flowers.”

Stone emphasized that the invitation is open to all.

“Just hope that if anybody can come or could come, we hope that they feel very invited. We’d love everybody’s help.”

Those interested in participating should gather Saturday morning at the Heber City Tabernacle on Main Street.

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