Fill’er Up Coffee December Business of the Month

Walk in to Fill’er Up Coffee Station along Midway Main Street and you’re greeted to an eclectic style and design that is all at once inviting, charming, engaging and even nostalgic. Vintage metal signs from bygone eras adorn the walls, original artwork with the station standing as the muse hang in the corners, and even the outside sitting areas are festooned with old fashioned pedal cars. Everything about Fill’er Up is about providing a welcoming atmosphere while sipping on a hot espresso, or nibbling on a freshly baked quiche. For owners Millie and Roger Medby, seeing their customers enjoying the food and the ambiance is a dream come true.

The story of the Medby’s finding their way from Southern California to Midway isn’t too out of the ordinary. Like most of us that live in and work in the Heber Valley, the Medby’s found themselves falling in love with the mountains, the outdoors, and the charm of this area. But where their story takes a turn is when stirrings of an old lifelong dream started to emerge.

Both Millie and Roger had careers in the fast lanes of the corporate banking and technology fields. Their work as consultants would take them around the country until one day their work changed their lives forever when they landed in Utah. Soon they feel in love with Midway and before long Midway became their home.

One day as they passed by the old 1930s fill station in Midway, which was in major disrepair, an idea came to mind. Millie as a self-proclaimed “foodie,” had always loved to cook and bake and dreamed of owning her own restaurant and Roger with his creative mind thought it could be the perfect place to make their dreams come true. After much renovation and restoration, in July 2009 Fill’er Up Coffee Station opened its doors.

For the past ten years Millie and Roger have loved this adventure that started out as a bit of a wild hair. Millie says the process has been both fun and exciting, while be challenging and hard work. Sometimes she jokingly says she had to learn everything the hard way. Even though there have been ups and downs challenges and success, she knew from the get-go she had to start with superior customer service and a high-quality product. If you ask any one of her regular customers, some who come in more than once a day, if she has delivered on both fronts they’d raise their cup or fork and say “absolutely.”

Millie credits Roger for inspiring and encouraging her to take the leap and start something she’d always wanted to do. Without Millie’s love for cooking, backing, and of good food the dream wouldn’t have gotten off the ground. Fill’er Up specializes in many different varieties of coffee’s espresso, breakfast foods, quiches, and even ice cream. Their menu is served all day and is designed to be family friendly so while mom and dad enjoy an espresso the kids can dive into an Italian Soda.

The Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce is proud to recognize Millie and Rodger Medby, owners of Fill’er Up Coffee Station as our Business of the Month for December.

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