Dump Truck Driver Sentenced For Collision On US 40 That Killed Six Men

A man who drove a dump truck while impaired causing a deadly crash on US 40 was sentenced Wednesday afternoon.

42-year-old Heber resident Jamie Don McKenzie pled guilty to three counts of Automobile Homicide in April of this year. On Wednesday McKenzie was sentenced to three consecutive prison terms carrying a minimum of one year for each count to a maximum of 15 years for each count.

On October 19th McKenzie was driving a dump truck on 40 while under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. McKenzie was driving towards the Park City area when the truck jumped into the median, over the cable barrier and broadsided a 2003 Dodge Ram pickup truck heading eastbound. There were six occupants in the pickup, all killed in the crash.

Judge Jennifer Brown’s sentence in Fourth District Court means McKenzie will serve a minimum of three years and a maximum of 45 years, based upon future decisions by the board of pardon and paroles.

Nearly 40 people attended the sentencing of McKenzie at the Heber District Court. Those in attendance included members of the victim’s family, members of McKenzie’s family and law enforcement officers and first responders who were at the scene of the October accident.

The court heard statements from members of the victims’ families and a law enforcement officer who responded to the scene. The court also heard from McKenzie who read a letter to the judge.

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