Dump Truck Driver Pleads Guilty For October Collision On 40 That Resulted In Death Of Six

A Heber City dump truck driver has pled Guilty in Fourth District Court for an accident on Highway 40 last fall that killed six people.

The defendant, 42-year-old Jamie McKenzie, has pled Guilty to three counts of Automobile Homicide, a Second-Degree Felony, according to court documents.

Under the agreement with the Wasatch County Attorney’s office, entered on Wednesday, three other charges of Auto Homicide, and two DUI charges, both third-degree felonies, were dropped.

In a hand-written statement submitted in the court document, McKenzie says that last October 19th, he operated a motor vehicle in a negligent manner, with a blood alcohol level higher than .08, and caused the death of six people.

Officers reported that on that date, he was weaving in and out of traffic on Highway 40 at high speed, when he lost control of the truck, crossed the median, jumped the cable barrier and struck a vehicle heading in the opposite direction, killing all six passengers.

In his statement, McKenzie also admitted that he has a previous conviction for DUI.

According to the court document, each count in the Guilty Plea would carry a punishment of one to 15 years in the State Prison.

His sentencing has been set for May 29th.

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