CAMS Initiated Spring Sweep

May 11, 2019 marked the first annual Heber City Spring Sweep which was organized and implemented by the Community Alliance for Main Street (CAMS). Community members were encouraged to bring friends and neighbors to participate in a cleanup effort along the commercial corridor of Main Street, Heber. Snacks and a barbeque lunch cooked by City Manager Matt Brower were provided to volunteers but the real benefits came from the satisfaction of taking care of our city.

The Wasatch County Fire Department can be thanked for power washing Main Street sidewalks with firehoses while the Heber City Corporation swept streets and gutters.

Volunteer and CAMS Secretary April Estel brought her children to help in the effort. “They loved being a part of the community and working alongside people who want to make a difference,” Estel stated. Helpers appreciated the enthusiasm of those who drove by and honked even if they couldn’t participate this time. Another cleanup will take place in the fall with the plan to have a community sprucing up twice a year.

CAMS has initiated further efforts to beautify our main corridor by acquiring bulb outs for spring flowers. These planters can be found on many of the corners along Main Street. Individuals have volunteered to maintain the bulb outs and we can expect to see fresh, beautiful flowers in the first week of June.

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