Airplane Slides Off Heber Runway

A plane slid off the runway at the Heber City airport Thursday morning.

Public Information Officer Janet Carson says the Wasatch County Fire and EMS were paged to the Heber City airport in response to an airplane that had slid off the runway.

“The pilot had made the landing and hit some ice on the runway and went off the runway. When we arrived, everybody was out of the airplane there were no injuries. The only damage they found to the plane is a little bit of damage to the landing gear. They had a crane coming that was going to lift the plane back on the runway and then they were going to check it out for further damage and then decide what to do from there, but there was no fuel leak. There wasn’t anything that was hazardous or dangerous.”

Carson said the incident occurred around 10:00 am on Thursday morning and was due to weather conditions, the area had seen consistent snowfall over the previous 24 hours. She adds the Wasatch County Fire Department hopes to add new equipment to be able to more quickly respond to incidents at the airport.

“Something we are working on is for an airport apparatus that we can use to respond with, in case of an incident at the airport. We do not have an apparatus at the airport right now and that’s something in one of our future goals is to have that. In case there is a spill, or something of a larger nature with more injuries.”

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