31st Annual Issues Conference Takes Place At Wasatch High Wednesday Evening

Teenagers and parents of Wasatch County are invited to a free event Wednesday evening to discuss a variety of issues including preventing teenage suicide, basic self-defense and navigating social media.

The 31st annual Issues Community Conference takes place this Wednesday at Wasatch High School from 6:00 to 8:30 pm.

Amaria Scovil director of the Burns Recreation Center explains the purpose of the free conference is to address issues within the community.

“To enrich the community on topics that are pertinent to the issues that we’re all facing today,” Scovil said. “We invite high school age kids through adults to come to the keynote speaker and the workshops. We also provide for kids under 12 youth activities.”

The event begins at 6:00 with a keynote address from musician and veteran Ryan Stream.

“He served two tours in Iraq,” Scovil explained. “Through just his personal experiences he shares his presentation which is called ‘You are the author of your story.’ Explains and helps people understand that anyone can take control of the circumstances and change their life if they’re willing to do it.”

Following Stream’s address, there will be two 40-minute sessions where participants can be a part of 10 different breakouts. Those include ones that teach basic self-defense, coping with stress through yoga and safe electronic use.

“The Happiness Formula, teaching you how to be happy,” Scovil continued. “We have one on vaping for parents only. To help parents understand the dangers of vaping and help their kids understand it too. We have one on helping to prevent suicide and a couple of other great workshops, so there’s a lot to choose from.”

While youth activities are provided for children in grades Kindergarten through 5th, those children younger than five should be left at home.

Wasatch High School students can receive three hours of attendance credit if they attend plus an additional three hours if they bring a parent with them.

The night is a collaboration between Wasatch County Parks and Rec and the Health Department as well as the USU Extension and Wasatch School District. You can find more information here.